I may not see you again

I may not see the moon,
I may not feel the wind.
I may not touch the glory,
I may not pluck the roses.

But still in astonishment,
I don’t know why I saw you.
When dark sky grew darker,
And light smiles grew lighter.

Smell of you around
And sprinting trees surround.
Drop of which was a sudden rain
Oh! I wish I may not see you again.

It was but a story of mine,
Molten heart shall recite.
Roosts of love the birds have lost,
Wandering through the routes of life.

Still your smile is a beauty for me,
As you are as you were made to be.

But brighter than the brightest
The moon had shone.
And faster than the fastest
The winds have blown.

Life has passed as an empty dream,
With dieing faith and growing sheen.
And stars of skies have stopped twinkling.
Are still as stone and dimmed in between.

It is but a dream of mine,
Fair as fairy and dazzling shine.
Coppered skies and blooming flowers,
Endless times and stilled hours.

Chattering birds and nightingale,
All with a beauty as a faire tale.
Life is known and nothing abided,
Shall be in love but shall be one sided.

You may but may not be my love,
Wish will live on love lake as a dove.
You may but may not be my wife,
Wish will out live an endless life.

Deep inside the heart of mine,
In between the life and end.
Very little of which was still opened,
Yarns of love and faith shall fade and shine;
And recites your name through my rhyme.

It was but a dream to see,
Lover’s faith upon you to glee.
It was but a dream to see,
And nothing more than it could be.

I have felt you in every blow
Of wind and the shining moon;
Rising sun and bless and boon;
Flow of water was not as much,
To give the sense of your touch.

These drops of tear
Is not for you.
But is for the love
Within me the true.

I will never ask you to love,
Nor will I kill the fearless dove.
Even if the love lake die,
I wish you may never cry.

For you may the sun shine bright,
And dance the pretty little daffodils.
For you may the sweet birds sing,
And shall recite the lyrics of will.

If full shone the glittered moon,
I wish shall be alike till the doom.
A star twinkling up above,
May twinkle till lasts the love.

The squirrel shall gather love,
And birds shall sing my rhyme.
The butterflies shall fly around
Honouring and kissing your golden gown.

Leaves of love shall unify
And birds of peace shall fly.
In the forests wild musk shall grow,
Devils all die and love shall win and lie shall cry.

It may rain after the so,
And may appear a colourful rainbow.
Lillie’s shall dance then in their way,
And butterflies across honeydew flow.

How I lost in thoughts of mine,
But still bitter is the taste of lime.
And when in dark the sun shall shine,
I may be yours and you may be mine.

May when the Violet roses bloom,
And appear fearless the sea as dame.
May when the winds chant in gloom,
The day you may recall my name.

You are not as you were,
Sweeter than the sweetest fairer than the fair.
Curls of hair and eyes brown,
Roses paved lips as a queen in crown.

I may not be made for you,
I may be a blot of pain.
And you are as fair as white,
But afeared of dust and stain.

As there’s calmness after a shower
And death and decay after a war.
As winds can’t be blown by a blower,
So is the stain of love by the remover.

I may be a devil and you from Fairies,
But still sweet are the black berries.
You might have seen the hard shell of nut;
Guards the sweetness inside it but.

Drawn into the thoughts,
Illicitly began to love.
Very first of wich was a real life,
Yet beneath the clouds of heaven.
Amid the senses of chaos and pain.

Red are those yew growing in dingle,
Are poisoned as men gathering.
She by vista shall Winkle
Herbs of which is grown by it.
Malice and spite that I was lost,
In the valleys of green less spots.

The folk of lovelorn may be sung,
Blooming of scarlet roses had begun;
The droplets of rain have touched the ground
And beauty of nature had rasp the rhyme.

But what it may be, it may in vain,
And still,”I wish I may not see you again”.



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