True Love

A day of happiness and all gone
With a blow of wind did vanished.
A sound so cheap and nothing more,
With life-less life and timeless hours.

Dust off my heart to feel thee new,
Insee the truth I do write for you,
Vail thy heart in the love of me,
Yell and claim my love for thee.
As it is a dream, as it could be.

Let me ask for a worthless gift,
To remind myself the pain I bear.
For my words are lit of to let you know,
But are precious than thine drops of tear.

I shall wipe out mine own
And thou shalt wipest thine.
The tears spread over my poem,
Used as to write this rhyme.

Truth is not that I love ye;
Childish facts of gathering may.
Nor for thy looks did I loved thee,
But truly for thine eternal beauty.



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